Suffolk Nephrology Consultants P.C.


Suffolk Nephrology Consultants P.C. has a medical staff of three nurse practitioners who provide expert healthcare for patients in Suffolk County, Long Island and surrounding areas. To learn more about each of your nurse practitioners, please click on their photo.

Anne Reinhart, APRN BC CNNP
Anne Reinhart
Rowyna Bohlen, ANP-C
Rowyna Bohlen
Jennifer R. Pantoliano, ANP-C
Jennifer R. Pantoliano
Cheryl Laveglia, ANP-C
Cheryl Laveglia

At Suffolk Nephrology Consultants, our Nurse Practitioners are RNís who have a Masterís degree in nursing with extensive clinical training. They are nationally certified to practice in collaboration with physicians in assessment, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of disease entities. They are capable of prescribing necessary testing, medications and referrals to other members of the healthcare team. Our Nurse Practitioners are certified as Adult Nurse Practitioners, and specialize in treatment of Kidney Disease and Hypertension. In addition, they may be certified nationally by the American Nephrology Nursing Association as Nephrology Nurse Practitioners. They are an integral part of our practice, seeing patients in the office as well as at the four dialysis units that we service. They are credentialed to the medical staff at St. Catherine of Siena, John T. Mather and St. Charles hospitals.

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